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Hours of Operation
Wild animals don't schedule their accidents and rescuers don't schedule when they might come across  a wild animal in need of care.  The IRC has to be ready for any animal that comes through the door while caring for patients that are already in the hospital.  So here is how we operate.......

Our wildlife hospital opens most days around 10:00 AM.  Occasionally we open as early as 4:00 AM (meeting a rescuer, education program or critical patient).  Some days we open as late as noon or 1PM (errands, veterinary appointment or picking up supplies). 

We close about 5:30PM (or after patients and residents are fed and taken care of).  Occasionally we close about 3:30 or 4:00 PM (usually during the winter months when there are fewer patients).   Sometimes we close as late as midnight or 1:00 AM (meeting a rescuer, critical patient, lots of orphans to feed or catching up on paperwork).  We have been known to stay overnight (when it gets too late to even think about going home). 

Some days or afternoons, we aren't here at all (programs or veterinary appointments).  Lately we've been here just about all the time (baby season!!!!) - except when we are someplace else (in the hospital ourselves -  undergoing surgery!!).......but we really should be here then, too!! 

So, PLEASE contact us BEFORE bringing an animal to us! 

Call us at 217-963-6909 to make an appointment. 

Click here if you are looking for a wildlife rehabilitator nearer to you.

By state and federal law, the IRC cannot give tours of its wildlife hospital nor can we display orphaned or injured wildlife to the public, therefor we are NOT open for private tours. 

Directors and volunteers are very busy every day taking care of wildlife patients and our permanent residents so until funding and more volunteers are available, the nature center can only be open during scheduled public events.   Scheduling events help us plan our time to our advantage for our wildlife patients and for program guests. 














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