Discover why some of the richest people in the world are not millionaires, they are volunteers.

The next new volunteer information meeting has been postponed.  


If you are interested in volunteering and want to start with the next group of incoming volunteers, please e-mail us. 

E-mail to to be notified when we get a meeting date for the next group of incoming volunteers scheduled.
It is a requirement that all prospective volunteers attend an initial information meeting and then future training sessions as needed. 
The next volunteer information meeting opportunity will be held in the spring.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and able to drive themselves to and from the facility.  
Volunteers as asked to donate 2 to 4 hours a week of their time.
Volunteers are needed for many important and essential tasks.  Most do not involve physical contact with wildlife but are just as important
to the health of our wildlife patients and permanent residents.  Just as importantly, these duties are vital to the reputation and financial future
of the Illinois Raptor Center.  Cleanliness, orderliness, appearance and character affect how the public perceives our organization and has
significant effects on donations we receive.  
So as you see, every task is important and every volunteer is key to getting those tasks accomplished.
The Illinois Raptor Center has the equipment and tools to do all of these duties on-site. 

 Volunteer Openings:

·        Housekeepers for wildlife hospital

·        Housekeepers for nature center

·        Keep the many windows at the nature center and the wildlife hospital clean and shiny

·        Indoor cage cleaners, clean water bowls, etc.

·        Food preparation – cut up quail, mice, chicks for raptors (anyone may be asked to do this)

·        Carpenters to do small repairs on raptor mews (cages) other outdoor buildings

·        Sewing - sew bedding of different sizes from sheets and blankets on IRC sewing machine

·        Laundry - people to do bird laundry at the center

·        Grounds maintenance – mowing grounds and trails - requires zero turn mower experience

·        Grounds beautifying – weed trimming and manage flower bed

·        Land management – remove invasive species, trim back trees and bushes for mowing

·        Library – complete computer database of books in library and put in order

·        Digital media – scan old IRC pictures and manage the photo and video databases

·        Admission records – knowledge of Excel to enter admission data into computer

·        Bird Feeder duties – keep bird feeders cleaned and filled at both locations/manage seed

·        Keep education raptor carriers clean and in order – may include use of power washer

·        Transportation -  wildlife from IRC to UIUC Wildlife Medical Clinic for further medical  

·        Spic and Span Crew – walk property and pick up litter – especially road frontage  

·        Recycling – organize and pick up recycled items for transport to recycling center


Please email to if you are interested in coming to this meeting.