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Daisy Scouts from the Shemamo Council wait their turn to plant bare root prairie plants into a study garden at the Illinois Raptor Center. Daisy scouts were called to the IRC on short notice because plants needed to be installed immediately after they were received from the nursery.

Daisy Scouts collect mulch to help protect new prairie plants from weeds. Scouts will help weed and care for the new study garden.

Saturday, April 5, 2003

New plants are marked with flags and mulched.

Creation of a study garden next to a 1.5 acre prairie planted from seed should allow girl scouts to enjoy the results of their work during the first summer.

The mature bare root plants purchased from Bluestem Prairie Nursery near Hillsboro should grow and flower the first year. The prairie planted from seed will take two or more years before results are seen.

The study garden will allow scouts to learn about prairie plant identification right away. Also, since planting the prairie from seed involved farm machinery, scouts weren't able to help with that job.

More activities are now in the planning stages. If you have questions about this unique partnership, email the Illinois Raptor Center at:

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